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[MiNT] AHCC v4.15


There is a new version available on my home page (see sig).


august 21 2013

Message "Loading ...adb" only if verbosity is set.

Tinycalc in the journal.
   Press ESC in the journal. See prompt >.
   Type a formula (constants only;
	               It is NOT a scripting language),
   Press Enter.

Implemented treeview window for #include dependencies.
Menu Project_name->show dependencies ALT+D

Implemented treeview window for Function calls.
When 2 v's are checked in the KIT, a treeview is displayed
   in the journal when AHCC is started.

Implemented text versions of the above in the journoul.

Fixed a obscure bug where the editor crashed on extremely
   large files. Typical over 40,000 lines and close to
   a megabyte in size.

Fixed a bug where fileselector match pattern was messed up

Fix in handling of typequalifiers on pointers.

Fixed a bug in the -u option (undefine) when a name to be
undefined was absent.

Full implementation of options:
   -f    Dont set 'fast load' bit.
   -m    Mallocs for ST-ram.
   -r    Load program to ST-ram.
including check buttons for them in the KIT
	(group 'Options for the linker').

I did away with some GCC gibberish

I have put these in a new folder/file: include/features.h
I moved mint folder from mintlib/include  to AHCC's include.

Fix a regression since 4.11 concerning explicit cast of
   pointer to long.

Fix a bug where #if !NAME was wrongly interpreted when
   part of a assembly file.

Fix a false negative when comparing multiple #defines
   for same token seq.

Fixed a bug where AHCC could crash or corrupt itself
   on a C file having no areas. (e.g. emptied by defines)

Embedding 'const & volatile' in the existing infrastructure
   was not very well executed. (I hate K&R)
   Various fixes.

Fix a bug in the equ arguments of the form:
   'equ label,value'.
exg: accept size .l

Fix a bug where equ'd registers were not recognised as such.

Accept unary ! operater as same as
   unary ~ (tilde:) binary OR.

In operands: a scale factor of 1 is silently accepted and
   ignored for all CPU types.

Fix a bug that could lead to incorrect or no binaries
   in rare situations.

New: ministart.c ; for small footprint programs
not needing library preparation nor arguments nor environment
(borrowed from  Markus Froeschle).

Have fun!

Groeten; Regards.
Henk Robbers. http://members.chello.nl/h.robbers
Interactive disassembler: Digger;  http://digger.atari.org
A Home Cooked C compiler:   AHCC;  http://ahcc.atari.org