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[MiNT] Digger V8.1


There is a new version available on my Home page (see sig)


august 2013 v8.1

	Extended 'Output preamble' to 5 lines (all optional via button).
	NB! a * is no longer added in front.

	Fixed a strcpy error in the 'minmiconsole'.
		(destination pointer vs array).

	Window dialogues;
		On some environments the mouse could disappear
		when clicking a button.
		Not fixed, but a workarond (v_hide_c(hl, 1) added.

	New config keyword (and field in configure window):
	copr=				comment prefix.

	Fixed a bug where Digger crashed on long labels and not
	'labels on separate lines' configured.

	In operands: a scale factor of 1 is silently accepted and
	  ognored for all CPU types.

Groeten; Regards.
Henk Robbers. http://members.chello.nl/h.robbers
Interactive disassembler: Digger;  http://digger.atari.org
A Home Cooked C compiler:   AHCC;  http://ahcc.atari.org