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[MiNT] Resolving ftp, sftp, ssh and http "unknown host"


I have just built a new disk for a friend's Hades. I have set up networking using pppd 2.3.11 and the system is using FreeMiNT 1.16.3 with XaAES 0.998 and Jinnee 2.5.

I can't understand why I can ping anything by IP address and I can resolve "telnet" and "nslookup" hosts by fully qualified domain name but I have been unable to resolve ping, ftp, sftp, ssh and http requests by fully qualified domain name. This seems to indicate that resolv.conf has the correct DNS but something is breaking it for some services. The DNS matches the DNS I see under Windows XP on my laptop.

I would appreciate suggestions as to what could be causing some services to be unable to resolve fully qualified domain names.

Anthony Green