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Re: pexec bug in MiNT?

hi, :) seems to be determined.
ok the pexeced ttp is munpack. (which I had to recompile anyway from
unix src as newsie munpack is buggy).

2) I call pexec even with 0 for mode.
Dsetdir("correct path")     as pexec couldn't take the full path, too
pexec(0,"munpack.ttp"," email.txt","")

3) By fprintf(null) I meant, to void all theprintf, so it never does a
fprintf on the screen. Hence I could use the ttp from shel_write
(which works well btw).
4) I don't use any lib. Just GEMDOS directly.
Any more info?
oh yes mint crashes with that kinda of message:
nfree (was it nalloc?) blah blah must reboot system..
Note: Nfree not Mfree.. what's this mean?

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