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MiNT 1.14 does not work wit


I have been using MiNT 1.14 Beta for a few days & I noticed
GHOSTLINK does not work with this version of MiNT.

I have been using GHOSTLINK (Version 1.0 BETA) for a few years, to
link a PC & an STFM. It runs quite well @ 19200 baud.

The last version it worked with was FreeMiNT 1.12H5.

With MiNT version 1.14 BETA, I can see the transfer starting (on the
PC screen), but it hangs after finding the first file on the PC
hard disk.

The only change I made was to put the new version of MiNT in the AUTO

If I change back to MiNT 1.12H5, GHOSTLINK works fine.

This may not be a MiNT 1.14 bug, but I thought I may as well report
it; as the information may be useful.

Machine is a STFM , 4MBytes TOS 1.04.

Gerry O'Rourke
Materials Engineering
Nortel Galway