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Re: MiNT 1.14 does not work wit

> Greetings
> I have been using MiNT 1.14 Beta for a few days & I noticed 
> GHOSTLINK does not work with this version of MiNT.
> If I change back to MiNT 1.12H5, GHOSTLINK works fine.

Have you checked with 1.12.6? A few people have reported that some programs
didn't work with 1.14 but the problem turned out to be the other autos ie
screensavers and such...

The basic kernel is basically the same (there are minor bugfixes) between 1.14 
1.12.6 which is the latest non vm kernel.

> This may not be a MiNT 1.14 bug, but I thought I may as well report
> it; as the information may be useful.

It sure is! :-)

	Sven Karlsson
Student of Engineering Physics at Lund Institute of Technology, Sweden

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