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Re: TRAP #1 from TRAP #2?

|It's perfectly all right to call Gemdos (trap #1) from the AES or
|VDI (trap #2). Traps don't count as interrupts for the purposes
|of the Compendium warning. The reason for the dire warnings in
|the Compendium is that Gemdos is not re-entrant, so if it is called
|from itself the system will crash. This can't happen in the sequence
|  user -> AES -> Gemdos
|but could in the sequence
|  user -> Gemdos -> interrupt (e.g. vertical blank) -> Gemdos

I know this is safe to call Gemdos or VDI from AES (without this,
UserDef objects won't be possibles!)..
But I think AES is called sometime from interrupt, for the timer
stuff.. I don't think AES call user functions at this moment, but
this is not sure..


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