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Re: TRAP #1 from TRAP #2?

>I know this is safe to call Gemdos or VDI from AES (without this,
>UserDef objects won't be possibles!)..
>But I think AES is called sometime from interrupt, for the timer
>stuff.. I don't think AES call user functions at this moment, but
>this is not sure..

So far as I know the only AES function that can legally be called from
GEMDOS (actually the BIOS) or an interrupt is form_error, and that
function does not itself call GEMDOS.

Putting an AES call in an interrupt handler or in a function which is
called from an interrupt handler is illegal, and will result in
undefined behaviour. I don't think any programs actually do this.

To return to the starting point of this thread: the AES does indeed
make GEMDOS calls throught the trap #1 interface, in order to
implement the file selector, for the shel_* calls, and probably
in some other places as well. I know, I've seen the source code 
(and it's not a pretty sight, believe me...) :-).
Eric Smith