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Re: [MiNT] Inconsistency between menu bar and checked Desk>Clients

On 16/05/2013 00:31, Helmut Karlowski wrote:
Could you be more precise? I just tried that 5 times and always teradesk
was checked.

It seems to be the same situation like when I reported the "wrong startup menu" bug. Using ARAnyM-JIT on Windows, TeraDesk, TosWin2 preloaded from xaaes.cnf, everything from the latest trunk.

I suspect that when the startup menu fix occurs, the Desk>Clients menu item is not checked accordingly.

How is XaAES started, what's in xaaes.cnf?
I use something like INIT=...\xaloader.prg.

Sorry for the imprecisions, I can't access my setup right now.

Vincent Rivière