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[MiNT] Multiuser and XaAES

Hi there,
i tried to setup a multiuser-environment with
MinT 1.16.3a+XaAES 0.998a+TeraDesk 3.87 (based
on EasyMint).
When logging in as a 'normal' user, it's impossible
to start XaAES (/usr/bin/<link to xaaes> is present
and correct).
The problems are:

-Default access-permissions for drive C (in fact for
 any TOS-drive) are set in '/etc/fstab' to 700.
 -> changed it to 755.

Now xaloader is started correct, finds his 'xaaes.km'
in $SYSDIR/xaaes/ but an error-message appears:
'XaAES loader: no /dev/km, please update your kernel!'
Sure this 'file' is there, but again with 'only-root'-
permissions...and this is mounted by MiNT at startup.

Doing a 'sudo'-login works halfways: XaAES (+TeraDesk)
are started with the correct (user-specific) $HOME, $PATH...
variables, but always with root-permissions.

How can the permissions for /dev/km be changed at startup?
Am i doing something wrong when using the sudo-command?

Thanks for any help,