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[MiNT] Problems with SPAM filters

Hi guys,

some messages from the list get a rather high spamscore and therefore are
erased before they arrive in my inbox:

From: Peter Slegg <p.slegg@scubadivers.co.uk>
Subject: [MiNT] Spreadsheets
To: <mint@fishpool.com>
User: ekkehard_flessa@wun.maus.de
X-Spam-Score: ****** (6.29) 

Peter is using MyMail 1.88. I don't know exactly how much is generated by the
mail client, or by the list server or some servers in between :-(

How to reduce this score? Information I've gathered so far:

Contents analysis of the mail finds possible SPAM. You can do little 
about that.



I don't know if this can be done on the Milan, though. Might be it has 
got to be addressed in MyMail.


This has got to do something with the format of the sending date and 
time in the header of the message. Both MyMail and the time zone 
setting of your computer may be involved.


This is again something in the header lines of the mail. It means that 
there is a "X-MSMail-Priority" line, but no "X-MimeOLE" line. 
Spamassassin expects to find either both or none of them.
This must be repaired by Eric, as I don't see a configuration 
possibility within MyMail.


There are relay lines in the header that cannot be parsed. Each server 
a message passes on it's way from sender to receiver will add a header 
line with it's name and processing date. If this line doesn't conform 
to RFC standards, SpamAssassin will write that message.

With best regards