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Re: [MiNT] glibc for m68k/mint?

> You need to move all of the ATARI compatibility stuff from mintlib to
> glibc. Thus is much easier to move the things you like to have in mintlib
> from glibc to mintlib ...
no doubt. i just asked because according to glibc docs this library should be 
extremely portable.

> Or you loose the ability to run gcc compiled programs under TOS / MagiC
> at all. At the moment you can use the gcc to develop programs for TOS /
> MagiC too (if you keep some points in mind). You also need to modify all
> existing AES programs, that use the gcc, I'm sure.
oops, this is a problem then, we can't do this for sure. let's add the reply 
about ram-hungry programs and... no way.

> Is there anything that you are missing? At the moment the mintlib is very
> stable and compatible enough for mostly alÃl unix programs (for the libc
> dependency).
no no, i didn't ask because i'm missing something... i was just curious since 
i see from time to time glibc updated version XY, new features, bugfixes etc 
and mintlib development is still silent. so maybe we have 100% bugfixed libc 
who knows ;)