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[MiNT] shel_write(SHUTDOWN)


the AES function is:

mt_shel_write(short wodex, short wisgr, short wiscr, void *cmd, char *tail, short *global_aes)

To perform a shutdown, this function may be called with "wodex" set to SHUTDOWN... and the kind of shutdown in another parameter (that's the question).

In gemlib doc and xaaes (current CVS version), the shutdown action to apply (abort, partial or full) is given in paramter "wiscr" (intin[2]).

In NAES and multitos, it seems that the kind of shutdown action is given in parameter "wisgr" (intin[1]).

Is it correct ?

If NAES uses "wisgr", then xaaes should follow that rule IMHO (and gemlib doc should be fixed as well of course) so that shutdown utilities that works under NAES work under xaaes too.

best regards,