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[MiNT] XDD implementation questions (joystick driver)


I'm writing an basic joystick driver similar to the one in Linux. It already works for non-blocking accesses, it's event based, and it allows any number of axes & buttons. Currently, it only supports joysticks on the enhanced joystick ports on the falcon/ste. The current version is written in assembler, but I might rewrite it in C later on (I guess I should, right?).

I haven't really done anything like this before, and I'm not sure how everything should be implemented. Please excuse my ignorance if the answers to my questions are obvious.

1. Can I use Xbios in an XDD?
2. I want to implement blocking reads. How is this supposed to work? If I just wait until I have a new joystick packet available to the calling process, I halt all other processes too. This is not the way to do it, right?
3. Select & Unselect - What the heck is this, and should I implement it?

I also wonder if this is the kind of API people want, or if I should go for something else.

best regards

-- Peter Persson