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Re: [MiNT] Disk Images

> I'll be getting a new larger IDE hard drive soon.  My MiNT installation
> currently spans two IDE hard drives and this makes me realize somewhat
> of an issue in moving the data over.  I was wondering is there any way
> for MiNT to mount disk images as a drive letter?  Is there any software
> on the atari to do this?  Also the ability to mount and read from ISO's
> would be neat.

Atari disk image apps usually are TOS-based and know nothing about Unix 
stuff. :o) I don't know if there is any Unixy disk image system ported to 
MiNT, but also I don't see what exactly you want to solve with it. If you 
want to transfer an entire filesystem, tar should do the trick nicely. If you 
have all drives mounted at the same time you can even do it in one copy 
action with a "back-to-back-tar":

cd <sourcedir>
tar cvf - * | (cd <destinationdir> ; tar xvf -)

The first tar writes to stdout, the second tar reads from the first tar and 
puts everything in the new location, all permissions and ownerships in tact.

Or perhaps you wanted to put two disk images on the new harddisk to "simulate" 
your two old harddisks? That sounds like a bit of a kludge. The beauty about 
the Unix way of dealing with paths etc is that you can change your drive 
configuration transparantly, just change some mount points (symlinks in our 
case) :o) and all paths are correct.