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MiNT-Net+ Telnet

I have installed Mintnet1.01+slip.xif+ Mintos141s+inetd+telnetd+telnet+
PPP212, on a 68030+68881,25Mhz computer ( in fact a MacIIci 20/1080
running MacMiNT1.14.2 without VM or ProtectedMemory ).
All thing goes very well, but when I type
"telnet localhost" it shows
        # telnet localhost
        Connected to localhost.
        Escape character is '^]'.
and that's all. I have verified , telnetd runs, but I don't have any login :-(
What can I do ?? ( I got the standart /etc files, from Mintos141 )

2/  Is there new compiled lib. with timepatch applied ? ( I got PL46 )
    Where can I found this ?

3/ Can I run X11 programs without the server ?
   something like xterm -display to start program on a Xterm
   (like eXodus or MacX), without having the X server running on (Mac)MiNT ?

/Thanks, jblancha@pratique.fr

( I have compiled all this things with gcc258 -O2 -m68030 )