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Re: FreeMiNT

Dante Turrini wrote:
>Which is the latest version of FreeMiNT, and where can it be downloaded? I
>have seen in this list a big talking about the new 1.14, but I think I
>haven't seen an official release message...

Look at:


Version 1.14 is the latest version, but if you don't want VM (or don't
have a 68030) you might want to try 1.12.6 instead, since that might be
more stable.  The only difference between these two is the presence of
the VM code in 1.14.

No version of MiNT since 1.12 has been "official" because that was
Atari's last MiNT release.  Versions 1.12.1 to 1.12.5 were done by
Michael Hohmuth, 1.12.6 was by me, and 1.14 was by Sven Karlsson.

Sven has tagged version 1.14 as "BETA".  I think v1.12.6 can be
considered stable.