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Re: MiNT Computing!

On Thu, 4 Jul 1996, Peter Ross wrote:

> Peter Rottengatter:  Do you feel that a 68060 based TT clone is not powerful enough for running
> 			MiNT-X?  Is a Falcon030 a good enough system for running MSX software?

Sure it is (both). Questions : First : Will the HADES be available in the 
long term (as it must, for your vision), or will it go the way of the Medusa ? 
It's very problematic to produce such small numbers of machines and still 
be competetive. Second : If you were to pay a price as the one for the 
HADES for a machine to run a Unix-like system, won't you settle for a 
much cheaper machine with the same computing performance, that still 
could support 'real' Unix (Linux) ? Third (for the Falcon question) : Are 
still enough people interested in MSX ?

> 			The idea is to figure out solutions to continue the usefulness of these 
> 			computers.  I applaud the creation of X for MiNT without the requirement
> 			of a floating point math unit.

I'd never say that Ataris aren't useful anymore. After all, I own a 
couple of them and no PC, and I'm still convinced of their benefits.

Cheers  Peter

   Peter Rottengatter             perot@pallas.amp.uni-hannover.de