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Re: TRAP #1 from TRAP #2?

Scott Bigham wrote:
> Now, the Compendium makes ominous noises about not calling TRAP #1 from
> an interrupt handler Or Else(TM), and I don't doubt that includes TRAP
> handlers too.  On the other hand, every other file selector in the world
> does it.  My guess is that I have to somehow invoke the GEMDOS trap
> handler "manually"; my question is, how?

I don't see problems in calling GEMDOS functions from within an AES
function. It's true that you cannot call GEMDOS functions from within
interrupt handlers, but the compendium probably means "real interrupts"
as opposed to "trap handlers". Well, actually, there are trap handlers
which should not call into GEMDOS such as the BIOS and XBIOS trap
handlers, but the upper-layer stuff such as the AES will work.

> In fact, now that I think about it, I'm going to have the same problem
> when I try to call e.g. evnt_multi(), but worse, since not only will I
> have to invoke the TRAP #2 handler "manually", but I'll also have to
> provide my own set of intin, intout, et al. arrays -- correct? incorrect?

That's a more interesting question, indeed. I would think you're safe if
you have your own intin etc. fields.

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