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Supporting MiNT-X and W for MiNT

For those that wish to further support the MiNT initiative, being that
MiNT is the only operating system that runs MultiTOS, XaAES, X-Windows,
Oasis, GEM, TOS, W, and MGR and supports the features on your Atari or
C-Lab computer, here is a unified listing of sites that contain source
code for Unix programs.  It is nicely organized by category, such as
MIDI and Sound, Games, Graphics, etc and so on.  By compiling the free
programs to run under MiNT-X or W, you are furthering the usefulness of
your Atari computer and you are making it more Universally acceptable. 
Some of the Graphic, Midi, and Sound programs would be great on the
Falcon and the TT.  Check out Jazz, AERO and The Gimp for instance!


					Peter Ross:  An Avid Falconeer!