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Programming for MiNT

Is it better to make one's programs TOS programs at this point in time,
being that we now have  X-Windows, W-Windows, XaAES, and OaSiS?  Is
there a way to write a program so that it will utilize which ever
windowing system the user chooses?  Can I right a TOS program that would
have the necessary hooks to give it a decent look if the user wishes to
run the program in a GEM, X or W environment?   Are the protocals for
talking to the window manager standardized between the different
managers on Atari computers or does one have to write individual code to
support the various GUI's?  

I figure it is better to write TOS programs since some individuals may
wish to run the program from a command line or script and pass
parameters to it.  I would just want it to look its best if ran from 
GEM, X, W, Oasis, or XaAES.  BTW, is anyone working on porting Bowman to
the Atari line?  This is the NeXTSTep style window manager.  This would 
be nice for W since it doesn't utilize too much memory.  W is like the 
window manager for Monochrome 4 meg Atari MiNT systems.  There are quite
a few programs and utilities available for it, including Wetscape, a
Netscape clone.  W gives your 4 meg 1040ST the look and feel of X
windows without the excess.  Bowman would give it the look of NeXT.

for Bowman source code

for Wetscape 

Please support and further develop this program.  It is the only Atari
specific web browser created for MiNT.  It currently only supports HTML
1.0.  It needs to be updated to 3.0 and Java  the source code for
Wetscape is available at the site.

All comments are appreciated.  Thank you.

						Peter Ross