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Re: Programming for MiNT

Evan Langlois <ekl@metronet.com> wrote:

>On Sat, 13 Jul 1996 pross@soho.ios.com wrote:

[concering Wetscape]
>> Please support and further develop this program.  It is the only Atari
>> specific web browser created for MiNT.  It currently only supports HTML
>Are you sure it's Atari specific?

It's apparently W-specific, and AFAIK W is an Atari-only GUI.

>                                               Anyone know where glue-stik
>can be found?  It converts stik calls to mint-net socket calls.

<URL:http://www.cs.duke.edu/~dsb/files/gluestik_beta1.zoo>.  As always,
be warned that this is a beta release and is known to have bugs.  If
you're looking specifically for an HTML setup on MiNT, you might be
better served picking up CAB and Dancer's MiNTnet CAB.OVL; it operates
at a higher and less "dirty" level then GlueSTiK, and so is more likely
to be stable.

[As an example of this "dirtiness", in the beta2 version of GlueSTiK,
 the signal communication between the two "pieces" of the TSR is
 apparently stepping on something mysterious inside MiNTnet, because
 now the TCP_open() stub consistently locks up somewhere *inside*
 connect(), down in the bowels of the kernel.  Which is why, BTW, beta2
 hasn't seen the light of day, since I have no idea how to even begin
 tracking down the problem.]

>                                                        Also Lynx
>is available (I like Lynx, but it crashes often).

Which version?  I built Lynx 2.4-FM and put it on Umich; admittedly it's
a bit outdated by now, but I've never had a problem with it.